Monday, October 10, 2005


Drunken N.Orleans native being manhandled by police.

This world can be so depressing at times........

The police in New Orleans must be under alot of pressure....if they're knocking people out for no reason.

In addition, we are living in an age of endless catastrophes. Pakistan is in serious need of help.

WSWS poses the question, if Washington can't handle can Pakistan handle this ?

Well, at least these Sudanese rebels are compassionate towards peacekeepers. (sort 0f)

This brave little 9- year old has cajones. Yet, these youngsters in Africa are brave as well.

Art is powerful. Check BlackCommentator's artistic depiction of Bill Bennett.

Also, this artist joins the growing notion that Google will soon take over the world.

Its official. 50 Cent's lyrics are too violent according to.....Lil Kim?

The world is too crazy.....Can It Be That It Was All So Simple?

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