Sunday, October 30, 2005


I get the shooters shootin' Posted by Picasa

Haven't posted in a week....commuting to graduate school consumes too much energy.

Jay-z + Nas = Hope. I witnessed this hip-hop milestone in NJ this week.....priceless.

Another detrimental week for the Bush administration. First it was Harriet...then Scooter....what's next ?

Its Halloween! Pay attention to those scarecrows....they may be real.

So,CAMRON got shot?(we knew this was coming).... listen to him talk sh*t about the shooting.

Sly Stallone is making another Rocky movie?...and the man(Antonio Tarver) that knocked out Roy Jones will be his nemisis.

This week...Nas' Protege, QUAN, got arrested, THE GAME got arrested, last week was Sticky.

HEY... the nerve of people to prejudge and stereotype rappers....

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