Monday, November 07, 2005


Can't we just be friends ? Posted by Picasa

My apolgies for the sporadic posting.....

People at home and abroad were really pissed at George Bush this past week...

Firstly, can you believe he disrupted Soul Food Thursday at Howard University ?

Secondly, thousands upon thousands rallied against the prez in Argentina this weekend. (Viva la Revolucion!)

The White House leak investigation "Nigergate" is far from over....looks like Karl Rove may be gone before we think.

Though some are pushing to take down 50 Cent billboard ads.....I will be seeing Get Rich this Wednesday.

Paris Burning? Anarchy in Paris is escalating. Rioters just shot 10 cops !

HEY! Wouldn't you sue if you became glued to the toilet seat at Home Depot ???

According to BC, the "Dems & GOP are working to muzzle Black Speech." that possible?

Just when I thought "crunk" was dying out, 50 & Lil Jon are to unite.

"Bin Laden didn't blow up the projects'' and Suge shot 2pac...according to the Mighty Mos Def.

Until we meet again......

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