Sunday, October 09, 2005


Malcolm Def ? Mos X?... oh it's Mos Def Posted by Picasa

While the media begins to lose focus on the Katrina aftermath....
Mighty Mos reminds us.

I guess its hard to focus on a
''third world'' disaster with Black ''castaways'' when the Age of Chaos has begun !

I get very confused when I hear about the
Plame/Rove/CIA/Judy Miller/NY Times scandal.

But, it seems as if NY Times reporter, Miller, may've spent time in the
joint for no reason, helped to promote pre-Iraq war intelligence, and cover up White House cabinet mishaps...

Not saying that this is all true.......that's just
what I heard..........and the way it seems.

The Daliy Show's Jon Stewart does a
better job summarizing the Milller Drama then I do.

Also, review of the Lauryn Hill ''concert'' I went to in Central Park.(via HIPHOPMUSIC)

IGNORANCE....Killa Cam's killing everybody in his own extra grimy movie trailer. (via Spine) Dipset B*tch!

Plus, Beanie Sigel to sign to G-Unit ? (scroll to bottom of page for article.)

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