Tuesday, October 18, 2005


I think we have a problem Houston.... Posted by Picasa

Game Over. It seems as if Bush and friends' time may be running out......

Rove and Libby may be indicted soon....Bush's fledgling ''mandate'' is defunct...and Miers is a bust!

Well, I know Foxy Brown was signed to Def Jam.....but now she's really deaf ?

Viva la Revolucion ! This weekend Farrakhan blasted Bush and called for unity to overcome oppression.

Though it was the Millions MORE march...few faces were non-Black and were gays snubbed at the March?

Great interview with the eclectic Star from Power 105.1's Star and Bucwild morning show.

THE WHITE RACE....NASCAR. America loves NASCAR because its not Black ???

The media finally figured out what Young Jeezy's snowman stands for. Hell.. Why not ban the t-shirts all together?

The complete footage of the N.Orleans police beating and Neo-Nazi marches in Ohio? (WTF?)

Seems as if 50 Cent's Get Rich or Die Trying will definitely be a box-office smash.

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