Thursday, October 06, 2005


Please take it back to N-E-W Jerz.....
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Jersey is bubbling... in addition to the fact that J.A.M.E.S has embarked on his conquest for NJ hip-hop domination.

The normally defunct Joe Buddens has been spewing some fire lately.

Maybe hip-hop can return to the Naughtyby Nature era when NJ had it on smash.

Serious and R U in the Mood Yet are two dope Joe Budden tracks. Hey, J.AM.E.S and Buddens already collabo'd ?

With respect to Jerz, it looks like NJ rap veteran, Redman, might have probs w/ Mr. Meth.

Plus, now that Lauryn is back to normal (sort of) the Fugees are coming back as well.

So, Lauryn is performing in Central Park today...and these J. Period mixtapes are serious.

F**k the haters, according to 50 Cent that is. Emotional(produced by Pete Rock) is fire......

Sorry, no political blogging today. Until next time.....

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