Monday, February 05, 2007

STAY BEHIND THE COMPUTER SCREEN DAWG many "bloggers" [ I hate that term] like myself, Bryon Crawford, is the man to be. But after watching this recent video, this nerd needs to watch what he's saying. He's calling people like Kanye West "closet homosexuals"? I think dude needs to look in the mirror. And these are the people we look up to?

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Anonymous said...

Kanye is a closet homo..u mad? and why are u analyzing another mans appearance..hes a damn writer (blogger) NOT an entertaining like Kayne (yep I know Kayne is a "musician" but hes up in our face on tv, etc so we have a right to analyze his appearance especially since he seems to care so much about it)

Anyways if Bol is a homo..well it takes one to know one so chill and let the man say what he pleases, when and how he pleases..its a right here in American. Enjoy it!