Friday, September 16, 2005


He's back in the hood.....I just watched Bush's speech( I actually fell asleep during it)..but he said
he's responsible for some mistakes and will rebuild 'Katrina' disaster areas in the South.

Hmmm......rebuilding for who? It seems as if the ''refugees'' or ''yard apes'' if you may, might not be able to move back to their respective homes.

Bush is busy lately. He's down in N. Orleans. In NY at the UN. Give him a chance to POTTY !

During Katrina...Bush's aides were so scared to report the bad news that they ''had dry heaves afterward." They had to make him a DVD of newscasts because he doesn't watch news. WTF!

Guess who else is back....... ITS DAVE CHAPPELLE BITCH !

AND......Jay-Z said he's coming back to lay the smackdown to the rap dudes hating on HOV.

"Ni**az gotta problem Houston!" ---(Jay-Z) High school evacuees from the N.O. had.......a riot !

Well, it seems as if Justice Roberts will have no problem getting confirmed to the Senate. The Daily Show shows just how the Dems and Republicans will let it happen. LOL

Justice Roberts has been dancing around all of the Senators "questions"....he dodged their

In closing, if you haven't already done so donate to the Red Cross or groups that Immortal Technique says to donate to.
questions too....

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