Tuesday, September 27, 2005


Ok...I'm against the war...but even I think THIS is extreme....they are wiling!
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This past weekend, the Anti-War movement infiltrated the Nation's capital, but was it effective?

I would posit that (under Bush) they are not effective,but the GOP are on the bandwagon?

Iraq just keeps getting bloodier, while it looks like Iraqi prison torture continues...

It's a shame that the ''influential Dems'' (and Mr. Bush) were a no-show at last week's protest.

So, where was Dick Cheney during the carnage of Hurricane Katrina? (Good Question!)

Check my earlier posts, I said that J.A.M.E.S and Axel were a problem. Now they catch on !

Good Luck: Beanie Sigel acquitted of murder; Bad Luck: D'angelo in critical condition.

To end on a positive note, at least SOMETHING positive happened today.

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