Thursday, July 14, 2005

I'm So Sorry.........

Well, it seems as if the G.O.P is apologizing for the inherent disconnect between the party and Black voters. Isn't that special?

Instead of apologizing to potential Black voters, maybe the G.O.P should refocus on their foreign policy and heed the prophetic words of this concerned
African-American citizen ?

In my hood ? Nah, this ain't 50.....check out UK's own Dizzee Rascal and company explain the real about the hood in the U.K. (5 min clip w/ freestyles, etc.)

Is it just me...or does Game have a split personality ? Hate 50 or Love 50 ?

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Charge it to the game said...

Who are you suppose to be? Ralph Bunche? You frontin' ass philanthropist. Open a bookstore or something. Don't you know they dont have the internet in the hood? That Hopkins fight was BS by the way.