Saturday, July 23, 2005

What's Beef?

Supreme Court Nominee, John G. Roberts

Beef. It sells. Everyone loves to hear about it. In every hood, gangstas usually beef. Especially in the carjack capital of the world, Newark....Brick City....(973 all day) New Jersey. So, I guess its ok if Newark politicians bring beef too!

It also looks like the authorities in London are bringing BEEF to anyone they even IMAGINE had anything to do with the recent wave of terrorist bombings. To all of you people that look like terrorists.....It's not a game.

Two years ago, my colleagues were involved in an intense battle(BEEF) to keep Affirmative Action alive in the U.S.A. Fortunately, the Supreme Court decided to uphold Affirmative Action. It was a close victory(5-4 decision, Clarence Thomas was pissed off with the decision as well) and many conservative groups swore to destroy the policy in the immediate future. However, with Bush's new conservative nominee to the Supreme Court in place, conservatives may soon get their wish. So, Affirmative Action(and womens' right to privacy)....there is a strong possibility......You Can Kiss Your Ass Goodbye ???

On a lighter note of BEEF.....check my man 50 Cent's trailer for his new flick Get Rich Or Die Tryin'.

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