Monday, July 18, 2005

Who Got Next ?

Well, considering the fact that hip-hop has been infiltrated by the "Dirty South" and seems as if New York (east coast) hip-hop seems to be following this apparent trend. Therefore, the question I pose is, "who will save and rejuvenate the essence of hip-hop music?"

Being that Jay-Z and other relevant hip-hop icons seem to be retiring......who's next?

In the past, I was able to foresee the successful careers of 50 Cent(waayyyyy before everyone), Noreaga( although he has seriously fallen off), and other hip-hop acts. With that said, I present three emcees with the promise and potential to make a heavy impact in the game.

As you can see from my earlier postings, this New Jersey emcee brings hip-hop fans back to the integral elements of hip-hop. J.A.M.E.S' combination of superb lyrical content, sick production(he makes his own beats too), countless victories in freestyle battles, and so on present a serious threat to the music industry. I've seen this kid rock live shows and events throughout NY and NJ. It's not a game. This dude is one to watch for. Remember where you heard it first........Jersey Stand Up!


If you need more proof.....check these mp3s......


All Alone

Dream On f. Joe Budden


Most people haven't heard of AX.....but I've seen this kid perform live at a show in remembrance of BIG - L at S.O.B's (in NYC). Lord Finesse from D.I.T.C brought him out and he kicked some ill ass freestyles. Although he's a Latino rapper, I'm not sure if he does Reggaeton, but I just learned that he's down with an A&R at Shady Records. In fact he's featured on the newClinton Sparks and Eminem's Anger Management Mixtape. AX has serious delivery and definitely has potential. Once again, remember where you heard it first.


By now, I hope that everyone has heard of Immortal Technique..... he's already dropped two independent albums, Revolutionary Vols. 1 & 2, and spits truthful (but somewhat radical) revolutionary political content with the intent to enlighten the masses. Technique's cutthroat lyrics and sick delivery make him another emcee to watch for. I've also seen him perform and his shows are intense. He has demagogue-like stage presence and the ability to control any crowd. He's currently touring around the world. Technique's next album, The Middle Passage, debuts later this year. Check these preview Mp3s for a better understanding....

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